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Imitation Omega Speedmaster 311. Professional ‘Alaska II’ Project Watch

The Omega Speedmaster is celebrating its 60th birthday this year. A milestone for a watch that will forever be known as the Moonwatch. Although this Alaska Project II never went to the moon, it is one of the most desirable Speedmasters out there. Despite its white dial and name, it had nothing to do with the US state but was, in fact, a code name that Omega used for the project. The goal of the ALASKA project was to create the perfect space replica watches. The project started before the moon landing of the Apollo 11, and Omega developed different prototypes which were sent to NASA for testing. After the Apollo 17 had come back from the moon, the remaining missions were canceled. This also temporarily stopped the ALASKA project at Omega, reason why the watches from this era were known as ALASKA I.

The Speedmaster that we have here is an ALASKA II because in 1971 Omega continued the project. While the ALASKA I watches were mainly unlike any other watch Omega produced, the ALASKA II watches followed the existing Speedmaster line quite carefully.

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