Hold The Phone Connected Cheap Replica Watches Not The Answer For Omega

The key to creating aspiration, he said, lay in explaining omega replica watches swiss movement uk‘s emphasis on quality, in particular its quest for greater accuracy.

“It’s time to prove to consumers that what they’re buying has a high value in terms of technology and to explain why they’re paying such a high price. We’re in the luxury accessory world where tradition, history, authenticity – things we have in our DNA – are key. But you also want your watch to be on time. We listen to our customers: to them luxury means precision.”

quality omega replica watches

quality omega replica watches

As for supplanting Rolex at the top of the tree, Mr Aeschlimann said “we’re not in a Formula One [race], rather it’s about potential. If there is someone in front of you, there is space for you to grow even more. But it’s not just about market share. There’s also, if we do it right, what we can do for the Swiss watch industry.”

In that respect Mr Aeschlimann will be looking to repeat history. Omega is part of the Swatch Group. Swatch founder the late Nicolas Hayek snr was credited with saving the industry from its near fatal slump four decades back, refocusing on exclusivity in its traditional timepieces and introducing fresh product at the lower end in the form of Swatch omega replica watches james bond .

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