Replica Omega Seamaster Pro 300 Review

17th December 2016

The replica omega seamaster pro 300 should not to be confused, as is often the case, with the Seamaster 300 re-released in 2010 and made famous for its “bang on” timing in the latest James Bond movie Spectre.

The Omega Seamaster was first introduced in 1948, which coincided with the brand’s 100th anniversary, and is now the longest running series within the current catalogue.

omega seamaster pro 300

omega seamaster pro 300

My first major introduction to the Seamaster Pro 300 was, like many, in the 1995 James Bond movie, Goldeneye. This brilliant James Bond film had everything you would expect to be included. Exotic locations, an excellent Pierce Brosnan, superb gadgetry, car chases aplenty, one of the best opening scenes to a movie ever and, of course, a high end wrist watch. It is a common misconception that Omega paid a lot of money for the fake Seamaster Pro 300 to be worn on our favourite secret agent’s wrist. However, this was not your usual brand exposure exercise and nothing could be further from the truth. Just like their inclusion into the NASA program with the Speedmaster nearly 30 years previous, Omega did not realise the Seamaster Pro 300 had been chosen by Oscar winning costume designer for the film, Lindy Hemming. When she was younger a lot of her associates worked in the navy and military, whilst other had professional careers in energy and electricity. They all swore by their Omega watches. The choice seemed obvious for Lindy when she considered Bond’s Naval background and his excellent sartorial taste.

1995 was a great year for Omega chrono diver with unique helium escape valve on the big screen because the Speedmaster Professional also spent a lot of time on view in the Blockbuster “Apollo 13″.

omega seamaster pro replica watches

omega seamaster pro replica watches

The imitation Seamaster Pro 300 is a luxurious, beautifully detailed and, yet, incredibly robust, perfectly sized gentlemen’s timepiece. The manual helium escape valve and rotating bezel also came in hand when supplying life-saving gadgetry.

The Seamaster 300 Pro black 41mm automatic copy omega watch would go on to feature prominently in the next four James Bond movies; Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World is Not Enough (1999), Die Another Day (2002) and Casino Royale (2006).

It also didn’t do any harm to the desirability of the watch to be featured in one of the best third person shooter games ever: Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 from 1997.

fake omega seamaster pro

fake omega seamaster pro

Featuring in a James Bond film certainly helps sales and notoriety but it does not guarantee a watch will become a complete success (Tag Heuer PVD 1000 Professional from The Living Daylights or Breitling Top Time from Thunderball anyone?). And, I appreciate I haven’t mentioned the Roger Moore era Seikos but they sold so many it’s difficult to know if their inclusion made a difference.

To create a true classic, in an over-bloated market sector, a watch has to stand out from the crowd and offer true desirability on its own merits.

Four movements have been used within the omega seamaster pro chronograph co-axial ceramic reputation watches, highlighting its versatility and long lasting appeal as Omega has introduced the Chronometer and truly superb Co-Axial movement to the range.

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